Barry Peters: Why Delia is a name which means a lot

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I READ a lovely interview with Queen of the Kitchen Delia Smith at the weekend.

Her husband likes to cook – and Delia suggested that this sometimes causes friction.

No surprises then. Imagine how many times your other half has slung in a caustic comment about the tea you have just cooked – now imagine this criticism is levelled at you from the UK’s premier cook.

Poor bloke. I bet he can’t get away with a ready meal followed by Vienetta.

But one snippet made me smile – and got me thinking.

Apparently, letter writers keen to find the latest culinary tips will address a letter to our Delia at simply ‘Delia Smith, Stowmarket’.

Somehow, the Royal Mail delivers all of these.

It got me thinking about how many more people benefit from this level of notoriety (in the nicest sense).

I’ve received a few letters to simply ‘Editor, Bury Free Press’. Usually, these are from an incensed reader.

Others, though, may inlude ‘David Cameron, Downing Street’, ‘Santa, Lapland’ and then there’s ‘The Queen, Buckingham Palace’.

Delia’s in a select band – and if her Christmas-cake-in-a-a-box fails to deliver the goods on Christmas Day, I may just be penning my own little note to Ms Smith.

I CAUGHT up with the extremely affable Matthew Hancock MP last week.

Mr Hancock is new-ish member for West Suffolk, having taken over from a very hard act to follow in the shape of Richard Spring (now Lord Risby of Haverhill).

Before I met him, I cast my eye over his constituency itinerary for the day. It would have made a lesser man quake in his boots.

MPs come in for a lot of criticism but I’d like to see the average man in the street get through the workload some of our MPs do without complaint.