A personal view

A personal view by Camille Berriman
A personal view by Camille Berriman
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The Bury Free Press is inviting readers to suggest phrases for new road signs for the main entry routes into Bury St Edmunds.

I love it when residents are given this sort of opportunity. They are few and far between, but in the past I’ve always put suggestions forward. In 2005, before Parkway cinema opened, I entered a competition to name the multiplex. My suggestion (I think it was something banal like ‘Cineway’) was not selected and the eventual winner was the imaginative ‘Parkway’.

Readers might also remember that before the arc opened a competition was held to name the streets and squares of the shopping centre. Somewhat discouraged by my failure to name the cinema a few years earlier, I came up with what I thought was a more imaginative and catchy range of suggestions. I was keen to preserve the site’s Cattle Market heritage and felt my ideas had a real ring to them, but for some reason the developers unceremoniously rejected Pig Alley, Cow Arcade, Chicken Run and Straw Square.

Given my historic failure to leave any mark on Bury’s streetscape, you might think I would have been deterred from putting forward suggestions in this latest contest. Oh no, my grey matter has been fired up this past week and I think I have come up with a definitive list of potential candidates:

1. Good luck getting anywhere in a hurry between 8.15 and 9am

2. Where old meets new

3. Like coffee? You’ll love the choice of coffee shops here

4. St Edmund may or may not be buried here

5. It’s blooming lovely in the Abbey Gardens – but please don’t walk on the grass

6. Home of the only surviving Regency theatre in the country

7. It sometimes smells of sugar beet or brewing beer

8. Not spelled Bury St Edmonds

9. Where Debenhams looks like a spaceship

10. A jolly nice place to live or visit

Clearly I’ve put a lot of thought into this list and have tried to make the town sound classy while also reflecting the reality of life here. So I’m interested to know what readers think: Should any of these make the grade?