One greedy Italian joins guests for lunch

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THE Godfather of Italian cooking joined a group of guests at Carluccio’s, in Bury St Edmunds, on Wednesday for a special lunch.

Antonio Carluccio, founder of the popular restaurant chain and star of BBC show Two Greedy Italians, dined with 20 guests who booked lunch with the famous cook.

Mr Carluccio laughed with guests and enjoyed a three-course meal as well as signing countless books for his new hit TV series, which finished on Wednesday.

Mr Carluccio said: “The most important thing is to connect with my customers. For me, sharing food with people is just like sharing love – food is love.”

Although no longer a director at Carluccio’s, the 74-year-old is still involved with chef training and menu development.

“I always wanted a restaurant where you could go and be treated well, have good food and not spend a lot of money.

“Carluccio’s is elite but it’s open to anybody who is open to good food,” Mr Carluccio said.

Guests thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the food connoisseur and cleared their plates.

“Italian food is very loveable, because with minimum fuss you can produce maximum flavour,” said Mr Carluccio.

His theory certainly seems to be working, with business at the Carluccio’s chain thriving, and copies of the book flying off of the shelves.