Blind woman in Bury St Edmunds told ‘Prove your not responsible for driving fine or we’ll send in the bailiffs’

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A blind woman has told how a debt firm said it would sent the bailiffs after she told them she was not responsible for a driving fine.

Anita Mayhew who is 60, and who lives on the Westley Estate in Bury St Edmunds, received a letter from Doncaster based debt collectors Collectica last week.

The letter had her address where she has lived for the past 30 years – but another man’s name.

It said he owed £175 for a driving offence.

“I rang them to say it has nothing to do with me, I’m registered blind.

“But the man at Collectica said the bailiffs would be coming in 21 days and I would have to show them my Council Tax bill,” said Anita.

She sought the help of the Citizen’s Advice Bureau who got Collectica to agree that she could send in a copy of her Council Tax bill.

With the help of her support worker, Anita has since sent both this and a letter from the town magistrates court, by recorded delivery.

“I am still worried though in case the bailiffs still turn up,” said Anita.

“It has caused me a lot of stress and quite a bit of expense which I could do without.

“It has wound me up. I think it is disgusting

She has been at her address since 1983 and lives there with her daughter.

“I can’t drive. If I tried there would probably be a massive crash,” said Anita.

“I can only see light and dark so I’d probably drive into a wall.”

It could be an honest mistake – but Anita says she believes a man of the same name as that on the fines letter lives nearby and went to school with her daughter.

And she feels she may have been deliberately targeted by him.

“It feels like somebody is trying to take advantage of me, using my address as I’m blind and vulnerable,” she said.

“Before Christmas I had a letter come for him from the magistrates court.

“I wrote back that there was nobody of that name living here.

“I thought that was the last of it until I got this letter last week,” said Anita

Collectica, on its website said: “Collectica conduct a series of checks and searches based upon the debtors personal details to identify the most up to date official address for them.”

A Collectica spokesman said the account had been put on hold for 21 days for Anita to prove she is not the person responsible for the fine.