‘Obsession’ ended in assault on pair

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A MAN who groped a woman in a nightclub and assaulted two of her friends was ‘obsessed’, a court has heard.

Hilmi Sanci, 26, of Colville Road, London, pleaded guilty to a charge of harassment and two charges of assault by beating when he appeared at Bury St Edmunds Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

Rosalind Cappleman, prosecuting, said that Sanci first met Leanne Rose at the kebab shop he was working at in Bury at the time of the offences.

Sanci had pinched her bottom in Brazilia’s nightclub on April 1, said Miss Cappleman.

Ms Rose told Sanci that she was not interested in him, but later that night, Sanci was in a car with friends on Fornham Road when Ms Rose was walking home.

He offered her a lift which she refused, asking him to ‘leave her alone’.

On a later occasion, Sanci stood outside Rose’s home on St Olaves Road and repeatedly shouted her name, said Miss Cappleman.

The final incident was on May 13, when Ms Rose saw Sanci staring at her in Brazilia’s and asked a friend to walk her home.

The friend, Aaron Kemp, arranged to walk her halfway where another man, Rob Hooper, would join her.

After leaving, Sanci confronted her, Mr Kemp and Mr Hooper.

Mr Hooper told Sanci Ms Rose was his girlfriend before kissing her. Sanci then grabbed Mr Hooper by the neck and punched Mr Kemp around the head and shoulders, said Ms Cappleman. Mr Kemp was pushed to the ground, suffering a cut near his eye.

Malcolm Plummer, in mitigation, said Sanci had ‘taken a shine’ to Ms Rose and that his poor English had made it hard to understand that she was not interested in him.

“It’s unfortunate that he got obsessed with this lady and didn’t seem to want to take no for an answer,” he said.

Sanci was ordered to pay £150 compensation, given a one year conditional discharge and given a restraining order not to contact Ms Rose.