November breaks rainfall records for Bury

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Bury St Edmunds’ rainfall in November was 50 per cent higher than the regional average for the month.

This has also been the third year in a row in which Bury’s rainfall over the three autumn months has been above average.

Bury weather recorder Alan Messem recorded 89mm from 12 wet days during the month.

He said that though this November’s total was not as wet as 2009’s 100mm, the month has broken records.

The combined total for the 22nd and 23rd, at 32.4mm, of which more than 31mm fell in 18 hours, made them the wettest two days in November since 34mm in 2003.

Alan added: “With three other very wet days, this November had a record five days with more than 10mm. The most ever reported before was three wet days in 2009, 2002, 1996 and 1993.

“The total falling from these five days was 67mm. Over the past 25 years, nine Novembers had no days at all with 10mm or more.”

The total for September, October and November was 194mm, which follows 186mm last year and 199mm in 2012.