Norfolk gritters go as far as the moon

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This year’s long winter led to Norfolk County Council dishing out a record amount of grit - going £1.2 million over budget in the process.

More than 41,000 tonnes of salt was used on 318,240 miles of road during 159 gritting actions from October 27 to April 4.

The distance covered was far enough to grit a motorway to the moon.

The council usually carries out around 97 gritting actions each winter, meaning it is likely to have spent £5 million despite budgeting for £3.8 million of gritting.

Nick Tupper, highways maintenance manager, said it had been an unprecedented winter.

“The weather was at times so severe that we also had to call in additional resources and the support of farmers. We have also seen some town and parish councils gritting footways in their area.

“I want to thank everyone who has played a role in gritting this winter and also thank Norfolk residents for bearing with us during some really challenging weather,” he said.

The gritting expenditure will be followed up by £9.2 million of work being carried out to revamp damaged roads.

The council will carry out surface dressing works to extend the life of roads.

Work will involve laying a thin layer of bitumen and chippings on to the road to prevent potholes and improve skid resistance.

Mr Tupper said the work would also patch up roads damaged during the winter months.