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Nominations for the ‘rural Oscars’ have topped the 3,000 mark but the Countryside Alliance still wants more.

Officially called the Countryside Alliance Awards people keen to support the rural economy and our farmers have been nominating their favourite businesses.

Nominations can be made online at until October 29.

The awards are now in their eighth year and the alliance says it set them up ‘to celebrate the characters, produce, traditions and enterprise of the countryside through the people who work so hard to make it tick’.

In their lifetime the awards have honoured hundreds of rural businesses across several categories.

Countryside Alliance Awards director Jill Grieve said: “This has been a hard year for the countryside. The bad weather has affected the harvest and the cancellation of many country shows have seen the rural economy put under increasing pressure.

“I think the public is responding to that and really wants to celebrate the hard work and dedication that rural businessmen and women put in, often under the radar.

“The Rural Oscars give people a way to support rural business and the response has already been exceptional.

“We are still a few weeks away from closing to nominations, so I would urge everyone who supports their local small businesses to get involved and tell us about them. We can all play a part in boosting the rural economy.”