‘NO vote’ scheme drawn up

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LEADERS in the fight against the relocation of Thetford bus station have laid out an alternative vision for its future.

‘Vote no’ campaigners for next week’s Thetford Parish Poll have set out plans they feel prove that the bus station should stay at its current Anchor site.

But Breckland Council has since moved swiftly to discredit the plans, rejecting many of the claims made by the campaigners.

Cllr Terry Jermy, who is against the bus station moving, said the plans, put together by local architect John Atkins, showed there were other options.

“We want to show the plans presented by Moving Thetford Forward and Breckland Council aren’t the only way.

“This is another issue where Breckland fails to understand the needs of Thetford and fails to consult with the public,” he said.

He added that the objections were not political in nature, but were aimed at getting the best for the town.

“There’s massive support for the bus station staying where it is from across the political spectrum. Of course, we should be happy that money is to be spent in Thetford but it should be sustainable and good for the town.”

The alternative plans retain the bus station at the Anchor site and incorporate a café, waiting room, toilets and ticket office. It would also include keeping the facade of the Anchor Hotel and a proposed cinema has been kept.

Breckland Council has defended its plans, saying that claims made against it in a recent leaflet were misleading.

It maintains that tourist and school coaches will not be prevented from using the site, that drop-off and pick-up zones will be provided and that the Cosy Carpets Warehouse will be repaired and that businesses have already shown an interest in it.

Mark Robinson, Moving Thetford Forward board member, said he was concerned that campaigners were compromising the parish poll.

“Those against the moving of the bus station have effectively undermined the poll they called for by the distribution of inaccurate information and wasted nearly £6,000 of taxpayers’ money.

“In terms of the no campaign’s new plans and images for the Anchor site, these are nothing but the visual depiction of pipe dreams.”

“There are no costings, safety audits or an informative basis which would ever help bring them off the page and into life.”