‘No guarantee’ of bypass for village

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A GROUP of villagers campaigning for a bypass say their do not hold out much hope that it will be delivered as part of a new development.

Developer Berkeley proposes to build 1,250 new homes on land between Compiegne Way, in Bury St Edmunds, and Great Barton from as early as next year.

The development forms part of St Edmundsbury Borough Council’s core strategy for where new homes will be built between now and 2031 and includes an ‘aim’ to include a Great Barton bypass, for which villagers have been campaigning for best part of a decade,

But following a consultation event held by the developers on Friday, villagers asked about the bypass said ‘there are no guarantees’.

John Kelly, from Berkeley, said: “What we cannot say is we can guarantee it because is hasn’t been designed yet, we don’t know what land it will affect, how much it is going to cost or who else will help to pay for it. I think people feel we are just paying lip service but that isn’t the case.

“This is day one of the consultation. It is clear they see that as a priority but they are also quite cynical about whether it will happen.”

But parish councillor Andrew Hill said: “The reality is that it is not on the cards at all. I think the bypass is top of the residents’ wish list but as far as the developer is concerned profit is king and building a bypass would eat into their profits. In this economic climate I don’t see it happening.”

Bill Charnaud. a trustee of the village hall, said: “There are already pollution measurements taking place near the post office. What else can they do apart from make everyone wear smog masks.

“I think it is essential that we get a bypass but I don’t think Berkeley will give us it.”