No funds to tackle canine problems

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PLANS to curb problems with dog fouling and strays have hit the buffers due to a lack of funds.

Councillors in Forest Heath had hoped to recruit a dog warden to help tackle the rising issue of dog fouling in public spaces.

But with up to £50,000 needed for the scheme, the 22 parish councils who have been asked to contribute have had to admit they are unable to stump up the cash.

David Bowman, Forest Heath district councillor, put the idea to the council after it was suggested at a parish forum.

He said: “The response is not surprising because even if they gave £1,000 each – which is probably too much in the economic climate – it still wouldn’t be enough.

“Everyone seems to think it would be a good idea, it’s just too expensive,” he said.

Kay Sallis, chairman of Beck Row, Holywell Row and Kenny Hill parish council, was one of the members who suggested the reintroduction of a warden after dog fouling in Aspal Close Nature Reserve escalated.

“It’s a health and safety problem above everything else. We hold events with children and food there and you want the area to be as clean as possible.

“There are some very good people who clean up after their dog but there are more and more who do not,” she said.

The problem has become worse since Forest Heath scrapped their previous dog warden several years ago, according to Cllr Sallis.