NHS must pay £2.25m damages

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A NORTON woman has been awarded £2.25 million in damages from the NHS after her lawyers claimed that doctors left it too late to carry out corrective surgery on her feet.

Sarah Fallon, 27, will need to rely on a wheelchair for much of her adult life the High Court was told at a hearing on Monday.

Miss Fallon was born with a congenital problem which meant her feet tended to turn outwards. Her condition also left her with serious learning difficulties.

During the first five years of her life her progress was reviewed at West Suffolk Hospital, in Bury St Edmunds, but doctors did not carry out corrective surgery it was claimed.

She was fitted with special shoes 15 years ago and corrective surgery was done four years later.

Her lawyers claimed that the treatment was too late to reverse the damage that was done. They claim that failure to provide timely treatment was 90 per cent responsible for her mobility problems and as a result she can only walk short distances pain free and was likely to be ‘wheelchair dependent’ for much of her adult life.

Suffolk Strategic Health Authority denied full liability in the case but agreed the settlement which was approved by Mr Justice Eady at the High Court this week. He paid tribute to the ‘patient and devoted care’ provided by her family.

Sharon Allison, Miss Fallon’s solicitor, said later: “This will cover the cost of property adaptations, equipment and full-time care and will be paid in instalments to ensure that sufficient is available as her needs change during the course of her life.”