New shop bringing a taste of South Africa to Bury St Edmunds opens on Moreton Hall

Grant Hughes is opening Saffa's Delight, a specilaist South African shop selling various products and food. Pictured: Grant Hughes with wife Nadine and children Caitlin and Keagan PICTURE: Mecha Morton

A taste of home to lift the spirits is what inspired Grant Hughes to open Saffa’s Delight, a specialist South African shop selling a wide range of products from ‘Mama Africa’.

The idea behind the business in Chamberlayne Road, Moreton Hall came to Grant at a particularly challenging time in his life.

He spent six weeks in hospital unable to eat solid food and yearned for a taste of his homeland and so the idea of Saffa’s Delight was born.

Grant and his first wife Anne came to England in 2003 having packed up their life in South Africa.

“We had a fairly fast paced life in Durban and decided to make a lifestyle choice for our children.”

Sadly Anne died in 2103 from cancer. Grant later remarried fellow South African Nadine.He said: “If you get a deck of cards you take what you are dealt.”

While in hospital Grant decided to open the shop. “I just wanted a taste of home to lift my spirits.

“We wanted to create a community that would be inclusive and introduce the local community to our culture which is so vibrant.

“People can pop in and just enjoy getting together and sharing memories. There are quite a lot of South Africans in this region and the closest shop is 83 milers away.”

Saffa’s Delight stocks British grown meat with a South African style, wines that are not on the supermarket shelves, rice, sauces, cakes and pastries including Koeksusters, a lattice dough dipped in syrup and frozen.

It also stocks spices, crisps and sweets as well as Biltong and Boerewors sausage.

Grant said: “I am very passionate about South Africa as a country to visit. It is such a cultural experience and an amazing culinary world that opens up to you.

“South Africa is my country of birth and England is my home but Africa never leaves you.”

At last Saturday’s opening people had a chance to taste some of the food and hear live music while a hamper of South African goodies was raffled.

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