New look for Museum of East Anglian Life

Launch of Museum of East Anglian Life re-branding
Launch of Museum of East Anglian Life re-branding
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The Museum of East Anglian Life has launched its new brand identity - with a redesigned signage, a new website and an exciting new iPhone app.

The new design was developed over a six month period with Sumo Design, who have worked with the National Trust and English Heritage, and takes inspiration from the museum’s active historic printing presses.

John Lanagan, the museum’s Learning and Enterprise Manager, said: “We took the aged type face that our printing presses produce and knitted that with a bespoke font.

“The new logo will tie in with all our printed materials.

“We wanted to move away from the old logo and the use of MEAL as an acronym - I think the new design is a lot clearer.”

The new app, which will work on all iOS devices, will allow users to listen to sound bites and oral history clips, giving an interactive element to the museum.

And the app will grow with time, adding new content from visitors.

Museum Director Tony Butler said the emphasis of the word ‘life’ in the logo underpinned the spirit of the museum.

He said: “We are bringing the word life to the forefront as this museum is all about life.

“It is about the lives of people in East Anglia, people in Abbot’s Hall and the lives of people we communicate with today. This is part of a bigger project to create an iPhone app, redesign the website and backing up what we have been doing supporting volunteers.

“The re-branding is a very important step in expanding the breadth of activity we do here in anticipation of our next stage of development.

“The next stage is looking at re-displaying the area around Abbot’s Hall Barn over the next four or five years.”

“This re-branding gives the museum a new lease of life.”

Visit the museum’s exciting new website at