New homes in Lakenheath will require new school

Eriswell Road in Lakenheath
Eriswell Road in Lakenheath
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If 140 new homes in Lakenheath are approved the influx of children could not be met by the village’s existing primary school.

A formal application for up to 140 homes off Eriswell Road has been submitted by Elveden Farms Ltd.

In their response to the application Suffolk County Council said a new school would be required.

The authority said: “The local primary school in Lakenheath is now under significant pressure and there are no surplus places available.

“Lakenheath primary school is physically unable to take on the additional pupils from the development.

“It is already below the minimum area guidelines for a 315 place school with a distinct lack of playing fields.

“We consider that the only practical option is to secure a new site upon which to deliver a new primary school.”

The County Council also said it would be requesting funding for additional pre-school places as the village already has a shortfall in provision.

In the last month two other pre-application enquiries concerning large allocated plots in Lakenheath have been received.

Suffolk County Council called for the rapid completion of a Single Issue Review being conducted by Forest Heath District Council.

The review will allocate housing figures across the district.

Within their response Suffolk County Council said: “We will greatly welcome the early conclusion of this review to enable a proper plan-led approach to development.”

The Bury Free Press asked its readers what they thought of the proposal.

On twitter @sez_les said ‘probably the ideal site for such a large number if, but infrastructure needs to be upgraded to cope’.

On Facebook David Chandler and Maria Lucas agreed that the village required an influx in dental services and a supermarket to support expansion.

While Trudy Lovatt raised concerns about overcrowding at Lakenheath School.