New breast screening unit

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A BREAST screening unit, equipped with all the latest digital imaging technology, will benefit women in Mildenhall this summer.

The unit will be parked in the car park of Forest Heath District Council, in College Heath Road, for several weeks from July 26.

The technology in the mobile breast screening unit allows the mammographer to review the quality of the images immediately, reducing the risk of women being called back to West Suffolk Hospital for a repeat screening.

Acting superintendent radiographer Sam Newton said: “The digital technology is helping us to provide an even better service for our patients by allowing us to produce high quality images quickly and effectively.

“The new equipment means less anxiety for women as staff can make sure they have a good quality image on the spot, which means the don’t need to call women back if there are technical problems.”

The mobile unit is part of a £1.2 million investment in state-of-the-art mammography machines by West Suffolk Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.