New ‘affordable luxury’ restaurant to open in iconic Bury St Edmunds building in March

Interior shot of Bourgee Southend-on-Sea to give an indication of the style and spec to expect at Bourgee Bury ANL-161130-213024001
Interior shot of Bourgee Southend-on-Sea to give an indication of the style and spec to expect at Bourgee Bury ANL-161130-213024001
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Bury St Edmunds’ iconic Cupola House is set to offer diners ‘affordable luxury’ when it reopens as a Bourgee restaurant next year.

British Master Chef and Bourgee director Mark Baumann told the Bury Free Press that, following the success of Bourgee in Southend-On-Sea and Chelmsford, he and director James Welling would be unveiling a new restaurant in The Traverse at the end of March.

The pair plan to hire around 30 local people for the kitchen and service side of the business and say those interested should have personality, passion and professionalism, as well as a love for steakhouse and seafood cuisine.

Mr Welling said: “Having seen the consumer demand first hand across Essex, we are eager to challenge what East Anglia has come to expect from their restaurant choices, showing customers that they can have the quality dining experiences they have come to know and love from nearby London, without the need for travel or a high credit card limit. The new site at Bury will deliver the ‘experience’ these restaurant-goers crave, right at home.”

He added: “The Cupola House site will replicate the premium interiors seen in Southend-on-Sea and Chelmsford whilst paying homage to the building itself. As an iconic site rich in heritage, we want to ensure we remain true to the space and complement its lovingly preserved architecture.”

Explaining what makes Bourgee stand out, Mr Baumann said: “Bourgee offers a premium dining experience that is accessible to all. We source produce from prestigious suppliers, whilst the in-house chefs’ craft these expertly selected ingredients into deliciously creative dishes, all served in a modern, cutting edge-designed venue with superb service and unrivalled atmosphere.

“Outside of the major cities, most people’s experience of steak is cheap rubbish cuts in a supermarket that are badly cooked or an average serve in a restaurant. Sure, in the larger cities there are a few good steak offerings, but for the majority of us in the UK, we have to put up with poor quality. We are on a quest to change that!

“We want everyone to experience the best without having to pay the earth for it. This commitment to quality feeds through all aspects of the Bourgee process.

“The talented team of chefs cook the meat on a specialist Josper grill, whilst diners are each given unique graphite blades imported from Germany to cut the meat without tearing. Those that have tried our steak say that it redefines their experience of good steak.”

Cupola House was seriously damaged by fire in 2012, when it was a Strada restaurant, and has since been rebuilt and carefully restored.