Neil thanks good Samaritan who returned his wallet

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Lorry driver Neil Grimwood feared the worst when he realised he had left his phone and wallet on a car roof.

But now he wants to thank the good Samaritan who put the wallet through the door of his Cardinal Close, Moreton Hall, home, with its contents intact, while he was still searching the verges for it.

Neil had gone to a garden centre at Stanton with friends and had his hands full when he returned to their car.

“Stupidly, I put the phone and wallet on the car roof,” he said. “When we got to Pakenham I realised what I’d done.”

They found the phone in Ixworth, but there was no sign of the wallet. After his friends dropped him home, he went back and searched for more than an hour before deciding to give up and report the loss to the police and card companies. But the wallet was waiting on his doormat.

“I wish whoever returned it had left a name and phone number so I could thank them,” he said. “Whatever’s happening in the world, it’s good to know there are good people out there.”

“They saved me a lot of hassle.”