Museum plans new and interactive programmes

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MILDENHALL Museum has a new activities manager tasked with bringing the area’s history alive for the enjoyment of the local community.

Becky Fawcett, began her new position at the museum in March and has spent the last month looking for the best way to interest people in the history of their local area.

Speaking about how her own love of history was sparked, Becky said: “I love stories and finding out secrets, so learning about people in history developed into a hunger.

“Objects can inspire in no other way – they help us imagine and create links to the past that TV or reading just can not. my first visit to a museum was a castle in Ireland, where people were in costume singing. I was quite young but I always remember how different it seemed.”

Interaction is key to the learning programmes Becky hopes to create at the museum.

She said: “We want to promote learning across the board, working with schools and young people but also having adult education programmes and exhibitions out in the community.

“The museum’s collections are going to inspire the activities and workshops and we intend to have replicas made of some of the pieces to take out and show people.”

Becky said television programmes such as Who Do You Think You Are and Time Team had caused a revival in people’s interest in history and she wanted to tap into that.

Becky’s learning programmes will look at broad historical periods, using objects from the museum’s collection to make them relevant to the local area.

The museum’s first event will be Meet The Saxons, a free family learning day on August 3.

Between 10.30am and 1pm visitors will have the opportunity to draw Anglo Saxon patterns, make an Anglo Saxon pot and even dress up as an Anglo Saxon.