Museum on track to buy coins

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A HOARD of Roman coins found near Mildenhall is one step closer to joining the town museum’s collection after the parish council voted to donate £1,000 for its purchase.

The hoard of 77 silver coins and one gold coin date from the early fourth century, about the time the Roman army was retreating from Britain to protect Rome.

Chris Mycock, curator of Mildenhall Museum, said the coins were probably buried by someone concerned about the tumult that would follow the army’s withdrawal and the destabilisation of the financial system.

Within the hoard, which was discovered over a period of 10 years, is an unusual contemporary copy which may be a forgery or an example of an attempt to set up a mint in Britain.

Mildenhall Parish Council’s grant has taken the museum half way to being able to secure the purchase of the coins and it is hoped that a grant will be given to fund the rest.