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Mum vows to continue Corrie quest

Corrie McKeague
Corrie McKeague

The mother of missing airman Corrie McKeague has spoken of how she is going over the facts of the case to see if there is anything that may have been missed.

Nicola Urquhart, who is a police officer in Scotland, thanked Facebook followers for their support since Corrie, 23, disappeared after a night out in Bury St Edmunds with colleagues from RAF Honington on September 24, 2016

She added: “I know it’s Been very quiet recently, please be assured though that my determination to do everything I possibly can to find Corrie is still as strong as ever.

“I am using this time to go over all the information I have to see if there is anything that maybe the police or I didn’t feel relevant or important at the time but now may be.

“I have so many questions, some I understand I may never get answers to, but there are loads that can be, so I will concentrate on making sure I’ve not missed asking any.

“Just like the police I have gone back to the beginning and am testing every possible scenario I can think of and how we could prove it is or isn’t possible. The answer is out there. Just like Corrie is out there somewhere.”

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