Mum left in ‘limbo’ over school place

Mum Rebecca Cutter with her son Charlie Cracknell. Picture: Mark Westley.
Mum Rebecca Cutter with her son Charlie Cracknell. Picture: Mark Westley.
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A mum who faced a schools place disappointment is feeling more optimistic after the Bury Free Press got involved.

Becca Cutter, of Badwell Ash, feared for her son Charlie Cracknell’s schooling after the four-year-old failed to win a place at his first choice of Walsham le Willows Primary School, instead being offered second choice Ixworth Primary.

However, as Becca does not drive and there is no school bus route covering the five miles between villages, she launched an appeal against the decision.

Last week, Becca learned this had been unsuccessful on the grounds Walsham le Willows Primary School reception class is at capacity, so she was left worrying about how Charlie would be able to travel to Ixworth. As a result, she arranged for him to stay at his pre-school an extra term until he turns five, in the hope a child at Walsham le Willows Primary drops out in the meantime.

“The school that I wanted to send him to is one I can get him to,” she said. “They don’t consider a person, it’s all about numbers.

“I’ve been feeling at my wits’ end. This is an emotional time already, sending my son off to full-time school. I should be getting his uniform together, but instead I am worrying about if and where he will go to school. We’ve been in limbo.”

On Wednesday, after the Bury Free Press got involved, Becca was told a place might be available at Norton Primary School, which is the official catchment school for Badwell Ash and has a school bus route.

Following the news, Becca said: “I’m still thinking what to do for the best, but I am relieved that it looks like Charlie could be able to get to school after all.”

A spokesman for Suffolk County Council said: “The appeal panel’s final decision is legally binding on all parties.

“However, our admissions team is working with her to consider what other options may be available.”