Mum goes into labour moments after car crash

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SPICY foods and hot baths are just some of the ways for expectant mothers to bring on the birth of their child.

But Jo Breens took a more dramatic route after she blacked out while driving her car, which then flipped over on to its roof.

Moments later, her waters broke and that same day she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Mrs Breens, who escaped from the accident virtually unscathed, said: “We were convinced he was going to be late and everyone has been joking that I’ve done it to bring him on early.”

The first-time mum, of Partridge Close, in Thurston, was leaving the village to get o nto the A14 to meet her father in Bury St Edmunds last Tuesday morning when she blacked out.

She said: “I don’t remember blacking out but when I came round the car was already swerving. They think I clipped one side of the road, went up the bank on the other side and I might have done a couple of 360 degree spins before the car flipped over.”

Luckily, the 30-year-old managed to get out through a broken window and, in a state of shock, she called her father Martin.

Two women arrived on the scene, rushed to her aid and helped to contact the ambulance service.

As she stepped into the ambulance, her waters broke and she was taken to West Suffolk Hospital.

Meanwhile, her father rang her husband Stuart, who raced to the hospital.

She gave birth at 11.38pm to baby Noah, who weighed 8lbs 5.5oz.

Mrs Breens said: “He’s absolutely fine but I was worried. When I was at the side of the road I felt him wriggling about.

“I can’t believe I managed to get out with just one cut on my hand and a few bruises. I was very lucky.”

Mr Breens, who is a web designer in Barrow, said: “When I first got the phone call I was obviously shocked but her dad told me everything was fine and not to panic. It was a strange 24 hours.

“With the monitoring at the hospital and me being by her side, it was great peace of mind that everything was okay.

“Noah seems to be none the wiser of it.”

He added that the car was a ‘write off’.

The pair thanked the staff and midwives on the central delivery unit at the hospital as well as the two women who helped.