MP supports Suffolk egg producers

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EGG producers in Suffolk met MP Dr Dan Poulter to discuss issues facing the industry in light of new animal welfare regulations imposed by the European Union.

Farmers from across the county met at Ray Fenning’s farm, in Mendlesham, on Friday to talk to the MP about the new rules which come into effect in January.

British farmers have invested heavily to change how they keep their hens after the ban on conventional cages. Hens must now be kept in colonies.

But they are concerned that farmers in other European companies will not abide by the new rules.

Dr Poulter said: “Under EU regulations, all EU farmers have to comply with high animal welfare standards.

“The problem is that there isn’t a level playing field at the moment because many EU farmers are not complying to producing eggs to the same animal welfare standards.”

He will be calling a debate in Parliament to address the issue and call for action.

“There are things we can be doing in Britain such as improving the inspection regime for eggs that come into this country from overseas to make sure that they are produced under high animal welfare standards,” he said.

“The Government must also put pressure on the EU to make sure egg producers elsewhere are complying with high animal welfare standards,” he said.