MP’s late show for TV appearance

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The MP for West Suffolk was left cursing his time-keeping skills after missing a TV debate where he was due to announce a new Government employment scheme.

In a scene reminiscent of BBC comedy, The Thick of It, Matthew Hancock missed his interview with ITV’s Daybreak by 30 seconds after arriving late.

He was due to discuss the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills new Traineeships scheme, which will offer 16-24-year-olds work experience and job-seeking advice.

Mr Hancock admitted he would have to ‘learn from my own example’ after the slip-up.

“I was 30 seconds late for my interview at 6.40 this morning, so they wouldn’t let me into the studio to make my case.

“It proves the point: you’ve got to be on time for work or there are consequences,” he said.

Mr Hancock was branded ‘lazy’ and ‘workshy’ by Ian Pattison of Youth Fight for Jobs after the incident, who he was due to face on the show’s debate.

Mr Pattison said: “Can you imagine my surprise when I discovered a minister whose Government berates so-called ‘shirkers’ couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed to defend his own policy.

“If the minister was a jobseeker, he could lose his benefits for up to three months for such an offence. Luckily, he doesn’t have to worry about things like that.”