MP’s alternative Queen’s speech

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BURY St Edmunds MP David Ruffley has revealed that he contributed to the much- publicised alternative Queen’s Speech.

He joined a group of backbench Conservative MPs including John Redwood and David Davies who came up with their own proposals to kickstart the economy.

His measures included tax reductions for ‘hard working families and businesses’ and freeing up the labour market by removing red tape from businesses.

Mr Ruffley said: “The alternative speech was constructive friendly advice about where we need to go further and faster with the economy.”

In further moves, Mr Ruffley wanted to ‘break up the water industry monopoly’ by introducing a competition bill to cut utility charges and called for a cut in fuel duty.

He also wanted to see a bill reforming the renewables regime, which he argues sees half a billion pounds spent on wind farms.

On the actual Queen’s Speech, which included plans for flexible parental leave, breaking up the banks and House of Lords reform, he graded it as a ‘B plus with a bit more to do’.

When asked about his views on the Coalition Government, Mr Ruffley said: “David Cameron and Nick Clegg are keen that it should last until 2015 and I think it is in the national interest for it to continue.

“I remain unhappy that some of the radical economic reforms we need to make appear to be vetoed by the Liberal Democrats.

“They’ve got to understand they’re the junior partner of the Coalition and the Liberal Democrat tail should not be wagging the Conservative dog.”

On Government proposals for a smaller and largely elected second chamber, he added: “I will certainly be voting against any measures on House of Lords reform.

“It can only deflect Parliament from its number one job which is getting the economy moving.

“When it comes to the economy we need more radical measures to free up the labour market and reduce tax even further for households and small businesses.”