MP Jo Churchill backs Theresa May for PM

MP Jo Churchill
MP Jo Churchill
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Bury St Edmunds’ MP Jo Churchill has decided to back Theresa May in the race to become the next Prime Minister.

Mrs Churchill said having spoken to each candidate, the current Home Secretary was the best bet for uniting the country and the party.

She said: “Having consulted widely and having approached and listened to each of the candidates I have decided to vote for Theresa May and will be supporting her through her campaign to hopefully become leader of the Conservatives.

“I waited until all the candidates were announced and approached them all.

“I had conversations with them about what they could do with the nation and what they could do to coalesce the different groups of people to ensure everybody gets the voice they need.

“I also wanted to know what they would do similarly in the Conservative Party.

“I felt Theresa, with her skills, experience and background, would be the best person to lead us.”