Moreton Hall millennium tree felled for expansion

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Community newsdesk: 01284 757857
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An oak tree planted by school children in Bury St Edmunds to mark the millennium has been felled to make way for expansion.

Moreton Hall resident Denize Humphreys said she was ‘shocked and dismayed’ by the felling of the commemorative tree, which had been ‘growing magnificently’ in the playing field of Sebert Wood Community Primary School.

She donated the tree – through her employer Urban Forestry – 15 years ago and watched as it was planted in June of 2000 by the school’s eldest and youngest pupils, along with a time capsule.

“Last summer I remember standing by the school thinking ‘it’s really growing now and coming into its own’,” she said.

Of seeing it chopped down, she added: “I was really upset. To be honest – I felt sick.”

The 55-year-old would have would have liked to see the tree replanted elsewhere, but says she suspects it was felled to save money.

She said: “I am not against progress and do appreciate that the school has to change along with the times. However, what does this teach the young, that if something is in the way just destroy it?”

A spokesman for Suffolk County Council said the tree was felled to allow a full sized sports pitch to be developed as part of expansion works being carried out at the school.

He said: “A new, smaller tree, along with the plaque and time capsule buried at the time, will be placed in a better location, allowing the new tree to better establish itself in the surroundings.”