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Moreton Hall boy racers: Police issue warnings as trouble escalates

Anti-social behaviour and driving on the Moreton Hall estate, on the roads between Skyliner Way and Kempson Way. PICTURE: Mecha Morton
Anti-social behaviour and driving on the Moreton Hall estate, on the roads between Skyliner Way and Kempson Way. PICTURE: Mecha Morton

Boy racers in Bury St Edmunds are making residents’ lives a misery, according to councillors fighting to stop the problem.

The long-running issue on the Moreton Hall estate – mainly in an area between Skyliner Way and Kempson Way – has escalated in recent weeks, with fireworks sometimes waking nearby residents until 4am.

Councillor Frank Warby, who has been working alongside other councillors on the estate to try to solve the problem, said the perpetrators had caused damage including spraying graffiti, pulling a pylon down, turning over bins, and smashing bottles and glass.

“It’s littered to hell,” he said. “The trouble has escalated and they are not all from Bury. We can’t prove it, but we are sure some are from Haverhill and they’re travelling here to drive at high speed and then slam their brakes on. The roads are covered in tyre marks. It is a state up there.”

On Saturday, police issued six community protection warning letters to individuals, forbidding further anti-social behaviour and forbidding them from congregating in the area.

But Cllr Peter Thompson said he felt the estate was short-changed in terms of policing and that police had been ‘blasé’ about the issue.

“Them going out and doing something about this is progress. However, this problem has been going on for well over a year and it is now escalating. One of the things that I had an issue with the police is that they said no one was reporting it. We have been telling them and they have done nothing about it. Now, it’s all a bit too late,” he said.

Cliff Hind, chairman of Moreton Hall Residents’ Association, said: “I have known people responsible for behaviour like this and their mentality – let’s just say it doesn’t bode well for a nice quiet estate like this.”

Meanwhile, Cllr Trevor Beckwith said he was ‘sick and tired’ of the situation: “It has got to the stage of people having had enough. They are saying ‘how much longer have we got to put up with it?’.”

Tim Passmore, Police and Crime Commissioner, said it was a ‘serious matter’ and he would be talking to the chief constable about it: “It is unacceptable anybody should be putting up with this. These people need to be dealt with and I would expect the police to take some action.”

He added his understanding was that some of the roads being used were not yet adopted, so a ‘joined up approach’ between police, Suffolk County Council and the landowner was needed.

Sgt Anna Whybro, of Bury Safer Neighbourhood Team, said anti-social behaviour ‘would not be tolerated’ and that they had been liaising with landowners.

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