Moreton Hall biker may have been overtaking before fatal crash

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Latest news from the Bury Free Press
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A motorcyclist killed after driving into oncoming traffic may have been ‘racing’ with another vehicle, an inquest heard.

Liam Jolly, from Moreton Hall, died on June 7 last year after his Yamaha motorbike collided with a Range Rover Evoke at around 11.45am on the A143 in Great Barton.

Speaking at an inquest into the death of the 42-year-old, Pc Roy Dade, an officer with the Police Investigation Team, said there had been a large amount of debris at the crash site and this suggested a high speed impact.

“There was extensive damage to the Yamaha,” said Pc Dade.

“The front was destroyed and the motorbike had been on the wrong side of the road and collided in almost a straight line with the Range Rover.”

Pc Dade told the inquest, held at the Active Business Centre in Bury on Monday, that the lower section of the Range Rover driven by Merrilyn Harris was damaged by My Jolly’s motorbike, but the impact to the bonnet and windscreen had been caused by his body.

He added that Mrs Harris told police she was driving at 50mph and became aware of a bright blue car, possibly a Vauxhall Corsa VXR, travelling towards her before the crash. She had seen a motorbike driving in an aggressive manner behind this car.

“Another witness stated seeing the Corsa and estimated it overtook them at between 70 and 80mph,” said Pc Dade.

“They thought the two were travelling together or there had been a road-rage incident as the bike was travelling very close to the rear of the Corsa.”

Pc Dade said the wife of the witness had said the vehicles ‘appeared to be racing’ and the bike was ‘constantly looking to overtake’, but there was no evidence of speeding.

Although police have attempted to trace the blue Corsa it has never been found.

“The most likely cause of the crash were the actions of Mr Jolly, who either failed to see the Range Rover or misjudged the speed and position of it,” said Pc Dade.

“The Yamaha gave Mrs Harris insufficient time to avoid collision when Mr Jolly attempted to overtake.”

Assistant Coroner Daniel Sharpstone concluded that Mr Jolly died from multiple injuries as a result of a road traffic collision.