More signs to be installed at Spread Eagle shared path

The confusing road markings on shared cycle/footpaths near the Spread Eagle junction PICTURE: Mecha Morton

Additional signs will be installed around a new path in Bury St Edmunds to ensure it is clear it can also be used by pedestrians.

Suffolk County Council said this week that the path, at the newly refurbished Spread Eagle junction, featured cycle road markings to indicate to cyclists which side of the footpath they should be using for their direction of travel. However, she added that the path, from Horringer Road to Petticoat Lane, was for use by both pedestrians and cyclists, as indicated by a sign further up the road.

“There will be additional signage that we will be installing,” said the spokeswoman.

“As the path is shared-use, if a pedestrian is hit and it is the fault of the cyclist, then the fault would lie with the cyclist.

“Cyclists should be behaving with due care and attention on a shared use path, as with the many other shared use paths in Bury and across Suffolk that have or do not have road markings.”

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