‘Morale has never been so low’ say Bury St Edmunds binman as council prepares for cuts

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Binmen in Bury St Edmunds who face a pay cut, feel ‘very bitter’ after learning other staff at a council had had a pay rise.

A binmen who asked for his named to be withheld to protect his job, said senior management at St Edmundsbury Borough Council told them last week they will have to take a pay cut.

It followed news that 44 per cent of council staff including top management, had received a pay bonus of between 2.5 to five per cent.

“Everybody feels very bitter about it. The morale has never been so low,” the binman said

“I have seen several people leave recently but it doesn’t bother the council because they can just employ somebody on a lower pay scale.

“We are getting more and more work and they are given us less and less for it.

“Anybody new comes in at £16,000 instead of the £18,000 that was previously given.”

He said binmen had already endured cuts to their overtime rates and hours.

“Now we are set to lose money again.”

The pay cut is part of a wider move to share staff and services with Forest Heath District Council which has also seen the announcement of some redundancies.

The council is to introduce a single pay line so people doing a job for Forest Heath earn the same as if they were doing it for St Edmundsbury.

Restructing at St Edmundsbury has seen staffing at West Stow reduced by one temporary full time and one part time post, while a member of heritage services has also lost their job.