Moles dig up inspiration for Gerald

Greald Watts has written 'Queens Jubilee' a childrens book
Greald Watts has written 'Queens Jubilee' a childrens book
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WHEN Gerald Watts decided to write poetry for children, moles and a jubilee inspired him.

The result is Marvin the Mole and the Queen’s Jubilee, which is out in time for the Diamond Jubilee.

“I had been writing poetry for some time when my wife suggested that my next piece should be something lighthearted for children,” he said. “We were having problems with moles at the time and there was publicity about the Queen’s Jubilee.”

Gerald, a language teacher from Burthorpe Green, wrote it around the Queen’s Golden Jubilee but with the Diamond Jubilee coming up, decided last year it was time to do something with the story of the naughty young mole whose digging at a jubilee event brings him face to face with the Queen.

It is illustrated with watercolours by Welsh artist Lisa Fox and was printed by Premier Printers in Bury St Edmunds.

Gerald said: “We could have had the book printed in the Far East at lower cost, but we wanted the high quality, reduced waiting time and personal service of a local company.”

He also praised Waterstones’ support of local authors in allowing him to launch the book in its arc store on May 26, with a signing in the Buttermarket store on June 2, Jubilee weekend.