Milkman bids farewell to his round after 35 years

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Milkman, Mike Beales, delivered his last pint of milk today after 35 years at the wheel of a float.

Mike, 64, has spent the last 30 years of his career in Bury St Edmunds.

He said: “I have met so many nice people and characters, a lot of characters.”

During that time Mike has set out at 2am, six days a week, to ensure all the households on his route have milk for their cereal.

He started his career, as a milkman, was in Hornsby, North London, after which he moved to a diary in Canonbury where he met his wife Wendy, who was working as chief clerk.

In 1982 after the birth of his first son the couple moved to Bury and Mike began working for what was St Edmunds Diaries, a job he was given by his milkman Mike Farrow.

In 1982 Mike was driving an electric milk float with an open cab.

He said: “It was all right in August but an electric float in September, October, November. You worried about the frost on the inside.”

Things have changed since then floats have increased in speed from 15 mph ‘with a good wind behind you’ to 60mph and milk&more, has expanded to deliver not just milk but bread, cereal and more.

Mike said he was hopeful for the future of the trade and has left more than a dozen of his trainees at milk&more.

After finishing his final shift today Mike will be use his spare time to work as a driving instructor, pursue his hobby of photography and enjoy a few lie-ins.