Mildenhall resident could lose job after bus service changes

Olga Last, from Mildenhall, who risks losing her job after Mulleys moved their last bus service forward
Olga Last, from Mildenhall, who risks losing her job after Mulleys moved their last bus service forward
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A Mildenhall resident fears for her livelihood after a bus company moved forward its last evening service to the town from Bury St Edmunds, leaving her without a way to get home from work.

Olga Last, of Clare Close, can no longer catch a bus home after her shift at Marks and Spencer finishes at 6pm as the last bus to Mildenhall now leaves Bury at 5.45pm.

She and her husband Nigel Boast have expressed frustration with Mulleys for moving its 6.15pm service on the 355 route forward to 5.40pm, five minutes before Stephensons runs its last bus service to Mildenhall.

Ms Last, 61, said: “The new timetable started with no warning. I came to the bus stop one day after work and there was no bus.

“I have said to everyone, they should be thinking about how people will reach their jobs. I cannot afford to live without a job, and to find a job after the age of 60 is very difficult.”

Ms Last is currently having to renegotiate her shift work at Marks and Spencer, but fears this will not be a permanent solution.

“The company will not change the shift pattern because of me, it is better to change the person,” she said.

“A taxi to Mildenhall costs £22, I cannot afford to pay that every day. It is unbelievable.”

Mr Boast said: “Olga may lose her job, which is extremely worrying. She came back on that bus every day and said it was stuffed full of people.

“None of the arguments seem to stack up and we think there is something strange going on.”

Ms Last added: “It is stupid how they made this decision. If the bus was empty, I could understand.”

A Mulleys spokesperson said the company had received a mixed response from bringing its last service forward, but had not had a drop in numbers on the route.

The St Andrew’s Street-based company said it was currently considering its options but did not rule out reinstating the later service.

Mulleys also responded to claims the bus stop in College Heath Road, Mildenhall, had been closed, saying the stop opposite Clare Close was still in operation.

Suffolk County Council has confirmed it is in negotiations with Stephensons to provide a later bus service to Mildenhall.