Mildenhall pet owner’s plea to others after beloved cat is shot and killed

Pay Myers' cat Mel B, who was shot and killed in Mildenhall. ANL-150922-114256001
Pay Myers' cat Mel B, who was shot and killed in Mildenhall. ANL-150922-114256001
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A cat lover from Mildenhall has made an impassioned appeal to other owners after one of her pets was shot and killed.

Pat Myers was left devastated after her cat Mel B, so named for her spiky long fur and fierce attitude, was found with a fatal shot wound three days after disappearing from her home in Pembroke Close overnight on Saturday, August 22.

Pat’s son Richard discovered the 16-year-old moggy in the Trinity Avenue area on Wednesday, August 26, attempting to drag herself home despite her injuries.

Upon taking her to Aquarius Vets in Mildenhall, a distraught Pat made the difficult decision to have Mel B put down.

“I’m still finding it very hard to talk about it because she was such a loving and adorable cat,” said Pat, 69.

“This has affected me so badly, thinking of her being in agony for those three days.

“When my son found her she couldn’t walk or stand. It must have been dreadful for him because he is such an animal lover.”

Mother of two Pat cared for 14 cats at home until around six years ago. She took in Mel B with four of her siblings when the kittens were just five weeks old.

Around four years ago she discovered another one of the litter, Garfield, had also been shot after an X-Ray revealed two pellets lodged inside him.

“I’d never seen any wounds before, he was 13 and it could have happened at any time,” Pat said.

“I only have one female from Mel B’s litter left now, and I’m trying to keep her safe.”

Pat, who worked at RAF Mildenhall before retiring, said she wants to make people aware of what happened to Mel B to avoid another tragedy.

“I don’t want another little animal or another owner to go through this. It is awful,” she said.

Pat has reported the incident to the police, but said there is ‘a limit to what they can do’.

If you believe you may have seen Mel B between the above dates or witnessed her shooting, contact the police on 101.