Mildenhall man denies murdering friend with knife

Ipswich Crown Court ANL-140617-141524001
Ipswich Crown Court ANL-140617-141524001
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A Mildenhall man has denied murdering his friend with a knife that had been left on a draining board to prepare sprouts.

Andrew Turner was giving evidence yesterday on the third day of his trial at Ipswich Crown Court.

The 49-year-old, of Pembroke Close, Mildenhall, is accused of stabbing Paul Bone, 41, so hard that the knife blade broke a rib before piercing his heart.

Turner told the jury that he had been friends with Mr Bone for about five years and had previously shared an address with him for a year.

On the evening of December 19 Mr Bone had been at the house in Pembroke Close drinking with Turner and his partner Julie Salmon.

Giving evidence, Turner claimed that he had woken up on a settee early the next morning to hear Ms Salmon calling for help as Mr Bone held onto her arms and was trying to push her legs apart.

Turner said he told Mr Bone to leave the house but he refused and after going to open the front door returned to find Mr Bone holding a knife which had been left on a draining board in readiness for preparing sprouts.

A struggle had followed during which both men ended up on the floor. Turner said that at first he though Mr Bone was joking but then realised he was not

before Mr Bone got up and walked out of the room.

Turner said: “I got up and walked out to see where had gone. I thought he had gone home.

“As I walked out I virtually stood on him in the hall. He was on his back with his eyes wide open.

“I thought he was messing about. I noticed a tear on his shirt and then I noticed that he wasn’t moving at all.”

Turner denied having used the knife to kill Mr Bone and said he had no intention that night of causing him serious harm.

The trial continues.