Midnight visitor leaves ornaments on doorsteps

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Residents in a Bury St Edmunds road had a surprise on Sunday morning after a midnight visitor left china ornaments on their doorsteps.

Nearly all those living in of Godolphin Close were left a small package on their front doorstep.

The ornaments were all wrapped in newspapers dating from 2001 and placed in plastic carrier bags.

Upon unwrapping the objects, residents found that they had been left china ornaments of dolls, small boys and animals all with a small handwritten note attached saying ‘please take care of me’.

Pat Gooderham said: “I didn’t realise anything had happened until I saw my neighbours outside with the police.

“I went outside to have a look at what was happening and saw the small package in a plastic bag on my doorstep.”

The majority of residents were left two ornaments on their doorsteps, predominantly porcelain figurines of women, including Princess Alexandra.

Mrs Gooderham said: “I was left two porcelain ladies both about eight inches tall.

“I would have looked after them and treasured them, but the police took them away.

“I thought it was lovely. I thought ‘somebody wants us to look after them for whatever reason’, which is what I would have done.”

Various theories have sprung up as to where the dolls came from, ranging from them being stolen goods to being treasured items of a old lady unable to care for them.

Police have not received any reports of stolen ornaments but are keen to reunite them with their owner.