Megan and Lucie make a fantastic discovery

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WHEN the wind blows the right way, it can bring in some interesting things.

That’s what Megan Phillips, nine, and Lucie Alcock, eight, found when they discovered a balloon in Mildenhall that had crossed The Channel from Oostendam, in the Netherlands.

The pair were on a dog walk with Megan’s mother, Claire, on Sunday, when they found the balloon that had been launched by the Speeutlinvereniging club as part of celebrations to mark Queen’s Day on April 30.

The balloon had a card attached, numbered 59, and contact details for the club.

Claire said the girls were thrilled at their find.

“They came running up saying they had found a message from the fairies.

“When I explained the message, they couldn’t believe it had flown across the sea,” she said.

Jo de Vroed, chairman of the Dutch club, said it was ‘extra special’ that the balloon had reached England.