Medieval well uncovered as Cupola House resurrection surges ahead

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A WELL was the last thing engineers expected to find under a modern inspection cover in the fire damaged Cupola House.

Project engineer David Clarke, from the engineers Richard Jackson Ltd, said: “Nobody knew it was there. Of all the learned people we’re working with nobody had suggested there was a well.”

He said Suffolk Archeology Service had no record of a well on the site in the heart of Bury St Edmunds. It is dug through the chalk and is not brick lined, though it ends well above the modern water table.

It pre-dates the 16th century building and Mr Clarke believes it may have once gone to Skinner Street level but been cut down when the basement was installed. One reason the well was a surprise is that the normal thing in centuries gone by would have been to fill it in, while in modern times it is usual for them to be turned into curiosity features.

Mr Clarke said: “It’s not the sort of feature one finds hidden.