Marketing agency in Bardwell to work with education fund in poverty stricken South Africa

Michelle Buxton, founder of Toolbox Marketing
Michelle Buxton, founder of Toolbox Marketing
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An international destination marketing agency based in Bardwell, has pledged its support to a charity helping children in the South African birthplace of its founder.

Toolbox Marketing, founded by Michelle Buxton 13 years ago, is backing the Ubuntu Education Fund, working with some of the country’s poorest townships in Port Elizabeth.

Bill Clinton and Zethu Ngceza during his visit to the Ubuntu Education Fund in August 2013

Bill Clinton and Zethu Ngceza during his visit to the Ubuntu Education Fund in August 2013

“Having grown up in Port Elizabeth myself, this is extremely close to my heart.

“I was fortunate enough to attend one of the best schools in the area – but Ubuntu makes an excellent point asking ‘Should your birthplace determine your future?’

“I feel strongly that everyone deserves the best possible chance of success whatever their background,” said Michelle.

She said Toolbox will offer marketing and mentoring support, while she hopes it will also be able to offer work experience to some of the young people being helped by the charity.

“Nothing would be more rewarding for me, both as a successful businesswoman and a mother, than to see a child who has been helped into education and good health by Ubuntube in a position to start their own business,” said Michelle.

“The charity relies on the support it receives in South Africa and from people in Britain and America.

“Work experience for young people it helps is an essential element of that and I hope that’s something Toolbox Marketing may be able to offer when appropriate too.”

Ubuntu Education Fund’s Managing Director Jordan Levy said: “Ubuntu has a commitment to guide clients from cradle to career in all aspects of their lives.

“It had small beginnings – just two friends working out of a broom cupboard – but we now have an annual operating budget of six million dollars and 2,000 children on the pathway out of poverty.

“Support from companies in the UK like Toolbox Marketing means a great deal to us and we look forward to working with them to help orphaned or vulnerable children succeed in higher education and employment.”

Ubuntu’s Patron is Archbishop Desmond Tutu and it is supported by the Clinton Foundation.

In August this year the Ubuntu Centre in Port Elizabeth, a Clinton Global Initiative site, was visited by President Clinton and his daughter Chelsea who met some of those to have benefited from the centre’s support.

The charity provides World-class health and educational support to orphaned and vulnerable children, ensuring they can access higher education and employment.

Michelle said: “Ubuntu has also been established for about the same time as my business.

“I know how badly needed this resource is in Port Elizabeth and I’m very proud to be putting something back into this community.”

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Its work includes creating brands and using technology to increase customer loyalty.

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