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Kim Morrison
Kim Morrison

It is easy to fall into the habit of doing the same marketing over and over but then realising that you’re not getting the results you used to.

This is likely to be because you’re not engaging your audience in your campaigns any more. You need to understand why audiences engage in the first place.

What makes an audience member step out and share, like, comment, or participate in your marketing campaign? It’s either due to the competition, the social kudos, the exclusivity, or the feeling of satisfaction of having created something or done something good.

If you can come up with marketing ideas that play on those factors, you’ll create winning, engaging marketing campaigns that produce extraordinary results, every single time. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


Naturally, you’ll need a prize to motivate people to share their entry. The trick here is to make the prize so irresistible to your audience that you will get plenty of participants. Ideally your prize needs to relate to your business or service in some way. You have to be careful with cash prizes, or the almost standard iPad, as you will get entrants who are not part of your audience, not interested in your business and who will not share with your audience. But they could win nonetheless.

If you make the prize something that only your audience would feel special for winning, you’ll do a lot better getting engagement from the right people.


If you want to tap into the altruism that resides in human nature, finding a way to raise funds for a cause or causes that your audience would care about is a great way to encourage engagement. For instance, if you run a legal practice then taking part in Free Wills Month will help you meet potential new clients, encourage them to support a range of charities and avoids difficult decisions and legal complications for their loved ones. https://freewillsmonth.org.uk/

Alternatively, you can donate a percentage of proceeds for every sale you make, so your audience will feel inspired. To capitalise on this you will need to blog about it, talk about it, and make a big deal about how helpful your audience is supporting your efforts. In other words, give them the credit.


Live events like a webinar or an in-person live event, are an excellent way to boost engagement. People love meeting those they follow in real life. Some people consider a webinar to be pretty close to real life, as you’re there live on camera. They get to look into your eyes, ask questions, get answers, and hear your voice.

In-person events take this idea a little further. You can provide useful up to date information in your niche or you could host an event that supports a charity.


Oscar Wilde once said: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

This is such an important quote for every marketer and business owner to remember. It’s okay that other people are doing what you are doing. Why? Because no one else is you or your business. Show your personality or your business personality and be yourself, loud and proud, because that’s what’s going to differentiate you from other people doing the same thing you are.

Finally, it’s super important not to use too much automation and fully participate in social media interactions with others.

Find other things to outsource, and keep responsibility for your interactions with your audience. By doing so, you will engage them like no one else can. Because, after all, only you really know how you want your business to be perceived.



Facebook Rolls Out New Tools for Group Admins and Members: Facebook officially rolled out several new features and tools to help group admins “grow and manage their communities” and make it easier for members to get to know one another. These new features include welcome posts that will automatically tag new joiners; badges that make it easier to identify group admins, moderators, and new members; and new member profiles that highlight group-specific details, things they may have in common, and recent activity within the group.

Facebook expands Group Insights: Facebook also expanded Group Insights to include helpful tips like scheduling posts at times when members are most engaged, and rolled out more tools for quickly and easily managing members who “might have forgotten group rules of conduct” with a single click. Facebook is also developing new programs to bring group admins together both online and in person so they can connect, share feedback, and support one another.

Facebook Ranks New Notifications on Mobile and Desktop by Relevance: Facebook started re-sorting new notifications on desktop and mobile based on what it thinks is “most important to you,” rather than chronological order. According to the Facebook Help page, the updated Notifications tab is now separated into two sections, New and Earlier. The New section lists recent notifications that “you may not have seen yet” based on how relevant Facebook thinks they are to you.

Facebook Officially Rolls Out Facebook Polls with Photo and GIF Options: Facebook is “officially launching Facebook Polls with the added options of using photos or GIFs as answers.” TechCrunch reports the Facebook Polls are coming to personal profiles and Pages on iOS, Android, and desktop.”

Facebook Experiments With Account Switching Button in Main Navigation Bar: Facebook appears to be testing a new button in the main navigation of the site that allows users to quickly and easily switch between accounts on the platform. The alert indicates that users must personally add multiple accounts to be able to switch among them.


Instagram Places More Emphasis on Stories in the Main Feed: Instagram rolled out a new “re-engagement box” for Stories that features a carousel of vertical, still image preview tiles for other users’ stories that are twice as big as the Stories bar found at the top of the feed. The previews are found between regular Instagram posts while scrolling through the main feed of the app. Although Instagram confirmed the update, saying that “this update makes it easier to preview the stories from the people and accounts you care about,” it currently has “no plans to replace that smaller Stories bar you see above the feed with the larger design.”

Instagram Introduces Superzoom Camera Effect for Instagram Stories: Instagram’s new Superzoom camera effect joins Boomerang and Rewind in offering more creative ways to capture funny moments with Instagram.

Instagram Introduces Split-Screen, Two-Person Live Video: Instagram now allows broadcasters to invite viewers to join their live video streams within the app. Once the other person is added to the live stream, the screen splits into two with the host on the top and the guest below. Instagram began testing this new feature with “a small percentage” of users this past August and has now rolled it out globally on both Android and iOS devices.


LinkedIn Considers Push Into Original Video Content: Comments made by LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner suggest the company is open to developing original video programming for the platform. The company even identified specific career-minded shows or professional sports content that might be a fit for the network.

LinkedIn Integrations Officially Rolls Out to Outlook.com Users: In September, Microsoft announced that all commercial Office 365 subscribers will be able to view LinkedIn profile information within their Microsoft apps and services. This week, the company officially announced that this new experience will begin rolling out to Outlook.com users over the next few days. LinkedIn will now provide rich insights such as profile pictures, work history, and more right from within a user’s personal inbox.


Snapchat Opens Conversion-Tracking Snap Pixel to More Marketers: Snapchat unveiled the Snap Pixel, a conversation-tracking tool that allows brands to measure the effectiveness of their vertical-video snap ads on their site traffic. Marketing Land reports that the new Snap Pixel will soon be available to all advertisers as a measurement tool for brands to track conversions and will be available for retargeting purposes “by the end of this year.” The Snap Pixel currently remains in the testing phase, but brands can contact Snapchat’s sales team to request access.

Snapchat Rolls Out External Link Sharing and Temporary Ghost Mode Option: Snapchat rolled out two new features along with an update to its iOS app this past week. These include the ability to share links from other apps via the iOS share sheet, which allows users “to send a private message with the link to one or several people.” Snapchat also rolled out the ability to opt for “Ghost Mode” for a limited span of 3 to 24 hours rather than having to completely turn on or off live location sharing.


Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status Both Reach 300 Million Daily Active Users: During Facebook’s Q3 2017 earnings call, the company announced that both Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status have reached 300 million daily active users, which is up from 250 million for Instagram in June 2017 and for WhatsApp in July 2017.

WhatsApp Allows Users to Recall Messages in Chats: WhatsApp now allows users to recall and delete messages that were sent by mistake in a group or an individual chat. With this new feature, successfully deleted message will be replaced with “This message was deleted” to everyone involved in the conversation. WhatsApp notes that the recall option is only available with the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone.


YouTube Rolls Out a New TV App for Big Screens: YouTube announced a new native app that’s tailored for big screens. Starting this week, YouTube viewers will be able to stream live TV through the new YouTube TV apps for Android TV devices and for the Xbox One family of devices. YouTube also announced that “in the coming weeks,” it will launch a new app on Smart TVs such as LG, Samsung, Sony, along with Apple TV.

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