Market trader opens shop selling unique home items

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Market trader Jason Palfrey opened Kitchen Kave in Bury St Edmunds two weeks ago and says the response has been ‘asbsolutely brilliant.’

“The shop used to be Kitchen and Things. I used to work in the shop as a buyer and could always see ways how I thought it could be improved.

“I decided to go off and work for myself running a baskets stall on the market.

“Then this opportunity along. It is a big step for me,” said Jason, 25.

He closed the shop in Brentgovel Street for four days while he rearranged the stock to make it more accessible to people with pushchairs.

The shop sells unique wine boxes and other items.

Jason has also increased the home baking section, and prides his friendly customer service.

“I also moved the counter to make the shop more comfortable for customers. Everybody is saying how spacious it is,” said Jason.