MARKET MATTERS: Carli can help with your will needs

Market Matters The Will Shop Carli Bolingbroke'Picture Mark Westley
Market Matters The Will Shop Carli Bolingbroke'Picture Mark Westley
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When Carli Bolingbroke first saw an agency advertisement for a market trader with ‘no hard selling’ she grabbed the opportunity.

After a career in retail for many years, she was looking for something different and new.

It was only after she got the confirmed interview with the company that the agency told her it was a will consultancy firm but she understands why some people may have been put off by that.

She said: “There is such a public stigma about wills, some people see them as the be all and end all of their lives, but they aren’t that at all, some see them as life insurance for their loved ones.”

The Will Shop is a family run business of 20 years based in Ipswich that helps people with legal affairs including will writing, inheritance tax planning and property severance.

The stall is opposite W H Smith and is there Wednesdays and Saturdays, but it is also on Ipswich market and soon to be in Stowmarket.

Ms Bolingbroke feels that Bury market has something special about it.

She said: “The traders are a good bunch of people, who are hard workers and always happy to help anybody,

“In all weathers, come rain or come shine there’s a great comradery and a good spirit too here in Bury.”

With even more people buying items online now, she also believes consumers should use their market places even more .

She said: “Bury market is one of the best in the area, it’s a different world,

“Before I did this I could never see myself on a market stall, working out in the cold but now I think we really need to push them as they are very important to people’s livelihoods and the communities they serve.”

The independent company has a large part of its client base in the area and feels the market has proven to be a great way to advertise itself.

The thought that wills are just for the old is difficult to shake but Ms Bolingbroke feels that public perceptions are slowly changing.

She said: “I thought that myself at first before I started but our client group is now the 25 to 55-year-olds.”

With little free time as a single parent with a 13-year-old son, Ms Bolingbroke takes a lot of satisfaction from her work. She said: “For me, in this sales role, helping people who have questions about what some may see as a really tough subject, is what makes it worthwhile.”