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Carol (mum) and Claire (daughter) Bennett run Curry With Love and are being profiled for Market Matters this week.
Carol (mum) and Claire (daughter) Bennett run Curry With Love and are being profiled for Market Matters this week.
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We all know the feeling. You get in from a long day at work, step in the front door and the question hits you - what’s for dinner?

Throwing something in the microwave or oven is always an option, but what if you want something tasty that isn’t packed with salt, additives and all the other nasties we are told to avoid?

That’s where Carol and Clare Bennett’s Curry With Love comes in.

Based on Bury St Edmunds market since November 2011, the mother and daughter team have become a godsend for curry lovers.

They sell carefully selected packs of hand-blended spices, with the right amounts for 12 recipes ranging from creamy and mild kormas to spice-laden vindaloos.

All customers need do is add a meat or fish of their choice and either coconut milk or tomatoes.

Four sides, including Indian classics such as pilau rice and bombay potatoes, are also on offer.

Mum Carol said the venture - and name - was inspired by their family’s love for curry.

“We love cooking and especially healthy recipes. We don’t want any preservatives or additives - just fresh food.

“The idea came about six years ago and I used to say that our curries were made with love, so the name stuck,” she said.

Carol said the stall’s customer base is divided by age, with the younger generation more open to try new recipes.

But they are hoping to break down that gap, and Carol encourages people to give their curries a go.

“It’s so simple for people to cook our recipes and that’s what they love about them.

“We have found that when people try them once, they tend to come back for more,” she said.

Carol and Clare have enjoyed their time on Bury market, but Carol says it has slipped slightly from its past.

“I think it’s struggling a little bit compared to 20 years ago.

“The parking issues haven’t helped and the harsh winter we have just had has made things even more difficult,” she said.

Curries are priced at £3.75 for a pack to serve four, or three packs for £10.

A main, a side and a rice can be bought for £6.50 as a meal deal.

They have also recently launched a meal for one kit, costing £2.

The stall sits opposite The Body Shop on a Wednesday and near Sports Direct on a Saturday.