Marco cooks up a storm over his hotel’s paint job

The Angel in Lavenham has been painted again
The Angel in Lavenham has been painted again
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The Angel Hotel in Lavenham was repainted this week following an outcry over its previous makeover, labelled ‘ not acceptable’ by council bosses.

But the new colour, thought to more closely resemble the traditional ‘Suffolk Pink’, had still not been formally approved by Babergh District Council.

Work to the outside of the 15th Century building - owned by celebrity chef Marco Pierre White - was inspected by the council last week following residents’ concerns over the shade of pink used.

It was described by one resident as ‘chocolate box pink’.

Council officials advised The Angel’s manager that the new paint colour was ‘not acceptable’.

They were hopeful a ‘negotiated solution’ would be reached and that no further enforcement action would be necessary.

But, this week, the historic hotel was exhibiting a darker, more traditional, shade of pink - even though Babergh District Council was still awaiting submission of a new colour to review and formally agree.

A council spokesman said if a listed building was painted without the council’s permission, it was the owner’s responsibility ‘to restore the character’ of the property.

Lavenham parish councillor Carroll Reeve said: “The Angel has been painted another pink, which is a bit more in keeping with the Suffolk pallet, but not the earth tone which we associate with these colours.

“Putting the colour to one side, what has local people more concerned is the manner and approach adopted by the owners of The Angel to carrying out this work.”

The council is also investigating signage that has been added to The Angel and some interior alterations.

Chairman Cllr Roy Whitworth said: “What rankles locally is the complete disregard for the need to seek permission beforehand.”

He added: “We certainly had plenty of comments about the ‘blancmange’ colour and it remains to be seen what people will make of the re-paint.”

Staff at The Angel refused to comment on the new look.