Man who brandished ice pick on train at Stowmarket is jailed

Ipswich Crown Court ANL-140617-141524001
Ipswich Crown Court ANL-140617-141524001
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A man who brandished an ice pick on a late-night train as it approached Stowmarket had been jailed.

Daryl Webb had been confronted by the train’s conductor because he did not have a ticket for the first class section in which he was sitting, Ipswich Crown Court heard today.

Webb, 36, became abusive and refused to pay the additional fare which led to the conductor, Luke Putland putting out a public address call for any police officers on board to come to his assistance.

The incident took place shortly before midnight on November 9 last year as the train, bound for Norwich, neared Stowmarket, said Mr Putland.

Detective Constable Christopher Welfare was also met with abuse when he told Webb that he needed to pay more because of where he was seated, the court heard.

During the incident, Webb appeared to be slurred and unsteady and was seen to drink from a sherry bottle, said prosecutor Joanne Eley.

Webb became increasingly abusive and aggressive and, as the train was still moving, tried to climb out of the carriage window when he found the doors were locked.

Miss Eley said that as DC Welfare struggled to hold onto him, Webb produced a wooden handled ice pick from his trouser pocket and “swiped” the four inch long blade towards the officer.

As the train stopped at Stowmarket, Webb managed to get fully out of the window and landed on the station platform before making off. Local police who had been alerted searched the area and detained Webb a short distance away.

Webb told the court that he had not been acting abusively or aggressively and denied brandishing the ice pick towards DC Welfare.

Webb, of Eardley Road, Wandsworth, said he had the pick with him because he was visiting friends and wanted to break up ice to put in drinks.

The jury unanimously found Webb guilty of possession of a bladed article in a public place.

Mr Recorder Bruce Houlder sentenced him to six months imprisonment.