Man sprayed CS gas into driver’s face in ‘road rage’ incident in Brandon

Ipswich Crown Court ANL-140617-141524001
Ipswich Crown Court ANL-140617-141524001
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A man who became involved in a ‘road rage’ incident in Brandon used an illegal spray against another motorist, a court heard.

After two cars came to a halt at traffic lights in the High Street on December 5, Tomas Janulis, 33, got out of his vehicle and discharged a spray containing CS gas into the face of the other driver.

Last Friday, Ipswich Crown Court heard that when Janulis, of Hillington Square, Kings Lynn, was arrested he told officers he had been unaware posession of the spray was illegal and had been acting in self defence.

Janulis pleaded guilty to possession of CS gas spray being a prohibited weapon and assault causing actual bodily harm.

In mitigation, Stephen Dyble said the spray was legally sold in Janulis’ home country of Lithuania in pet stores as a dog deterrent.

He had not realised it was illegal in the UK.

Mr Dyble said Janulis was a dedicated, hard working family man with two young children and whose father was a retired police officer in Lithuania and his mother still worked as a police officer there.

The £1,222 contribution towards legal aid which Janulis had been making from his £1,700 a month income had already effectively punished him and his family, said Mr Dyble.

Sentencing him, Judge David Goodin told Janulis: “What you did was, as I accept, under some provocation. You got out of your vehicle and armed yourself with that stuff.

“It was a foolish, foolish decision. It was, I am persuaded, out of character. You behaved like a lunatic on this occasion.”

Judge Goodin ordered Janulis to complete 180 hours of unpaid community work and to pay £500 towards the cost of the prosecution.