Man sexually assaulted woman during job interview

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A manager sexually assaulted a young woman after taking her to a residential property on the pretence of interviewing her for a job.

Girish Kandpal, 46, of Selwyn Close, Mildenhall, pleaded guilty to a charge of sexual assault at Bury St Edmunds Magistrates’ Court in October.

He was told by magistrates on Wednesday that the offence was ‘very serious’.

Kandpal had invited the victim to interview for a job at Nestor Pharmaceuticals in March, last year.

Carol Huston, prosecuting, said Kandpal picked the woman up in his car and drove her to a residential terrace house for her second interview.

Inside Kandpal repeatedly requested the woman sit next to him on a sofa.

Mrs Huston said he told the victim he wanted to work closely with her and that she should not have a problem if he hugged and kissed her.

The court heard that as the interview came to a close Kandpal told the victim to stand up.

He proceeded to hug her, kiss her on each cheek, place his face next to hers and ask her to kiss him.

Mrs Huston told the court that as the victim moved to turn away Kandpal placed his hands on her breasts.

Mrs Huston said the victim had believed she was meeting Kandpol to discuss a job but now thinks he wanted a sexual relationship with her.

Laura Kenyon, mitigating, said Kandpal’s actions were ‘completely and totally out of character’.

She said: “He accepts he behaved in a completely unacceptable manner.”

Kandpal had been in court for a trial to determine aspects of the case. However while in court he accepted the 
prosecution’s version of events.

He will return to Bury St Magistrates’ Court on February 20 to be sentenced.