Man’s jail sentence cut

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A man who terrified his ex-girlfriend and sister in two separate incidents has won a cut in his prison sentence.

Paul David Earl, 27, Grove Park, Walsham-le-Willows, was jailed for two-and-a-half years at Ipswich Crown Court in April after he was convicted of false imprisonment and affray.

In November 2011, having split from his girlfriend Vicki Clements, he went to her home at The Street, in Hopton, and, after getting in, locked the door behind him. She said Earl had a knife with him, but he always denied having any sort of weapon.

While on bail for that offence in December, Earl went to the Rickinghall home of his sister, Sophie. She said he pulled her into the bathroom, tied her arms behind her back, stuffed a pair of boxer shorts into her mouth and blindfolded her.

At the Court of Appeal, Earl’s lawyers argued that the 12-month portion of the sentence for the affray should be cut.

The apeal judges agreed and cut that sentence to six months.

The 18-month term for falsely imprisoning his ex-girlfriend was ordered to run consecutively, making a total sentence of two years imprisonment.